Snack Platter 16.9.-

olives, cheese selection, salami, serrano ham, jam, caper

Boeuf a la Tartar 15.9.-

beef tenderloin, quail egg, pickled onions, anchovies, caper, pickled cucumber

Burrata, Peach and Apple 12.5.-

roasted apple and peach, cherry tomatoes, ruccola, spinach, balsamico

Tiger Prawns 12.5.-

sweet chilli sauce, fennel, wakame, carrot, roasted onion, sesame seeds

Seafood Soup 11.5.-

salmon, scallop, tiger prawns, blue mussels, carrot, zuccini, onion

Tomatoe Soup with Tiger Prawns 10.5.-

tomatoe, double cream, onion, tiger prawns, chili, herbs 


Salmon 18.9.-

cream sauce, tomato, carrot, fresh salad, potato

Blue Mussels 15.9.-

onion, garlic, butter, white wine, parsley

Pasta with Tiger Prawns and Salmon 13.9.-

tagliatelle, cream, tomatoe, tiger prawns, salmon, leak

#karjakuus Dumplings 14.9.-

handmade meat dumplings, rum, honey, raisins, sour cream, onion

Chicken Schnitzel with Kellogg's 17.9.-

chicken fillet, kellogg's, potatoe-carrot porridge, butter sauce, vegetables, fresh salad


Creme Brulee 6.5.-

double cream, eggs, sugar, fresh berries

Kirjukoer a la #karjakuus 6.5.-

biscuits, sour cream, marmelade, cacao, sugar, berries

Tiramisu a la #karjakuus 6.5.-

cream cheese, double cream, coffee, digestive, cacao, sugar

FLAMMID 12.9.-

Classic Flammkuchen

sauce, smoked bacon, fried onions, sundried tomatoes, cheese

Roasted Beetroot and Feta Cheese Flammkuchen

sauce, beetroot pesto, feta cheese, pine nuts, cheese

Tiger Prawns and Zuccini Kimchi Flammkuchen

sauce, tiger prawns, zuccini kimchi, sesame seeds, cheese

Oyster Mushroom Flammkuchen

sauce, oyster mushrooms, leek, smoked bacon, cheese


Apple-Cinnamon Flammkuchen / Raspberry Flammkuchen

cream cheese, apple and cinnamon / raspberries

Breakfast only on Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 12pm


Omelette with ham and cheese 8.-

Sweet curd pancakes 8.5.-

Poached egg on toast with butter-onion sauce and salad 8.5.-